Red table grapevine

Vița de vie Cardinal


It was obtained in California at the Fresno Resort by hybridizing the Flame Tokay (Ahmeur bou Ahmeur) x Ribier (Alphonse Lavalle).

Cardinal is a variety of short-lived vegetation (155-160 days), requiring 18-19 C of useful heat. Instead, vegetation prolonges until late autumn, which is why the wood matures only on 2/3 of their length. It has high vigor and high fertility (75-80% of the sprouts are fertile).

Biological resistances: very poor in frost (-14C, -16C) and drought; sensitive to mania and oidium, excoriosis and short - node; medium tolerance to the gray rot of grapes. It is prone to cuts and mowing, low temperatures and rains during blooming accentuate phenomena, diminishing the percentage of production.

In the southern regions of the country, the Cardinal reaches consumer maturity between August 1-10, and in sub-Carpathian hills, mid-month. The consistency of grapes on the hub is high - approx. 15-20 days, provided rain does not occur.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Dunawska


Variety of vigorous growth, unpretentious to soil and environmental factors, resistant to frost and rot, requires little work in green.

The grapes are very large: 380 - 400g, with elongated, reddish berries, thin crispy crust.

Age of maturity: early September.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Chasselas Rose


Medium-high vigor, with brown-red branches, with medium length internodes. The leaves are large, dark green. It has high sugar content. It is not pretentious to the soil, it is relatively resistant to frost, it suffers from drought. The berries do not rot, but they do not make it on transport.

Grapes are medium-sized (140-150 g), round, red, with little pruine. The bark is thin, but durable. Crunchy, juicy, tasty pulp.

Age of maturity: September.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

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