Black table grapevine

Vița de vie Esther


Big force, the strings are brown-yellow. Large-medium, pentagonal, open-green leaves.

It is an abundant fruiting variety with good resistance to diseases. The berries do not rot. In the unfavorable years, fertilization is weaker, in these cases in clusters among the ripe berries remain green berries. The grapes are large (300-350 g) with the berries arranged compactly. The berries are medium-sized (3.7 g), dark blue, strongly roughened. The bark is thin. The pulp is strong, damp, neutral taste, the seeds are small.

Age of maturity: early August.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Codreanca


Synonym: Black Magic

New variety of grapes with very early ripening (110-115 days), created as a result of the hybridization between the varieties of Moldova and Marsaliskii.

This variety begins to gain popularity in the early varieties market due to the large and beautiful grapes, the large, oval-elongated berry and the fine-attractive taste.

Enhanced frost resistance, allowing cultivation of this variety in higher areas, following the unprotected crop method.

The variety is very responsive to the use of irrigation and soil fertilization. Productivity - 12-13 t/ha. Average grape weight: 440 g; average berry weight: 5-6g.

Priorities: Increased resistance to mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, gray rot.

Frost resistance: -22º C.

Rootstock: S04

Vița de vie Perla Neagră


Black table breed, recently obtained in California

High quality, big, conical grapes, with an average weight of 600-800g, good fertility, good handling and transport resistance, suitable for long storage.

The berries are large (6-7g) oval-elongated, black-purple color, pretty thick bark, neutral flavor, has an average of 1-2 seeds.

Age of maturity: mid October.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Muscat de Hamburg


Medium vegetation period: 165-170 days, during which it requires over 30° C global temperature.

It has a strong vegetative growth and good fertility, 50-60% of the sprouts are fertile. It is sensitive to cuts and marjoram, phenomena that manifest strongly towards the top of bunches. In the years of unfavorable climatic conditions, during flowering, flowers do not bind and fall, which is the major defect of the Muscat Hamburg variety.

Biological resistances: medium to frost (-18°C); low in drought; very sensitive to manna, flaking and gray rot of grapes. In marshland is strongly attacked by moths.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB / S04

Vița de vie Nero


Powerful variety. The ropes are brownish-yellow, with medium length internodes. The leaves are large, dark green.

The grapes are large (200 g), with the berries medium to large, elongated, dark blue. The pulp is dense, crispy, aromatic, with many large seeds. The bark is thin. Weight: 200-220g.

Age of maturity: early August.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Moldova


High-force variety with thick, brown-open ropes. The leaf is very large, cordiform, green-open. It has medium or large productivity. Good frost and drought resistance.

The grapes are very large (500-800 g). The berries are large, oval, blue-violet, with thick but soft bark. The pulp is colorless, crisp, without seeds.

Age of maturity: late September, early October.

Rootstock: S04

Vița de vie Suvenir


Suvenir has a medium to vigorous growth, unpretentious to soil and environmental factors, good resistance to frost and rot. It does not require much work in green.

The grapes are large (380-400g), blue grain, very elongated, thin, crispy bark, with a fine, specific flavor.

Age of maturity: early September.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Napoca


Hybrid combination of: Alphonse Lavallee x (Regina Viilor x Muscat Hamburg) at SCH Cluj-Napoca. It has high productivity and increased resistance to frost.

Medium vigor variety, vegetation period 160-170 days and high fertility (65-70% fertile fermentation). Grapes' ripening start after July 25, and consumer maturation by the end of August.

Biological resistances: High tolerance to frost (-20 -22C); good resistance to mildew and grain rot of grapes; sensitive to oidium.

Rootstock: KOBER 5BB

Vița de vie Tamina


Variety created at SCDVV GREACA by hybridization of the Bicane x Muscat Hamburg. Very vigorous variety with long vegetation (180-190 days) and high temperature requirements.

The grapes are large and very large (600-800 g), conical, winged, red-violet. They are very resistant to transport and long time preservation, 3-5 months in winter. Large, spherical berries - slightly oval, with thick skin, fleshy and dense pulp, fine muscat aroma.

Enhanced Frost resistance, allowing cultivation of this variety in higher areas, following the unprotected crop method.

Good productivity - 16-18.3 t / ha, Good frost resistance: -20º C

Late variety intended to extend the consumption of fresh grapes.

Age of maturity: end of September - beginning of October.

Rootstock KOBBER 5 BB


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