Seedless vine

Vița de vie ATTIKA


Greek origin seedless breed (Alphonse Lavallée x Kismis Csernüj).

The grapes are large (600-900g), conic shaped with good resistance to diseases and quite good against frost (-18 ° C), from the group of apirenes.

The grain is large 25 x 19 mm. 4-6 gr, dark blue, no seeds, salty, harmonious taste, sweet.

Rootstock: S04

Age of maturity: the beginning of September.

Vița de vie JUPITER


It is an apirene, no seeds, with a muscat aroma, a noteworthy character. It was created in America, CLARKSVILLE, ARKANSAS.

High quality grapes, the bunches have an average of 250-300g and are well filled, with big berries (5-6g), elongated, resistant to peel, red to blue to purple at full maturity.

It has good productivity, is sensitive to mold, flaking and anthracite. Age of maturity: the beginning of August.

Rootstock: Kober 5 BB

Vița de vie SULTANINA


Very vigorous and productive environment. It adapts well to supporting on the vault. Poor fertility, requires long cutting.

Sensitive to poor fecundation of flowers and millerandage. When not grown properly, the bunches are easily detached.

Because it is seedless, different treatments are recommended, such as gibberelic acid, bunching, clamping and grading.

Low sensitivity to uncinula necator. Sensitive to anthracnose and viticulture plasmopara.

Neutral, fresh wine with pronounced acidity. Often as base for sparkling wines.

Best for fresh consumption (very sweet, delicate acidity, delicate skin, neutral flavor) and exceptional for raisin consumption, as the berries are easy to dry and give good quality raisins.

Rootstock: Kober 5 BB



Vigorous, fruitful, seedless variety. Requires protection, does not withstand frost, unpretentious to soil, medium resistance to rot, drought and transport resistant.

The grapes are large, round grain, reddish purple, fleshy, thin crispy bark.

Rootstock: Kober 5 BB



Seedless variety, very fruitful, less sensitive to frost, rot and mildew.

The grapes are medium (300g) with white ovoid berries.

Ripening period: end of September.

Rootstock: Kober 5 BB


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