Floribunda Roses' Seedlings

Trandafiri Laminuette
Trandafiri Sheila’s Perfume


  • It is a rose with a strong fragrance, multiple blooming, disease-resistant, ideal for the garden.
  • The flowers are large 10 cm, 20 - 25 petals, bicolor, a red-yellow mixture, strongly perfumed.
  • Forms medium 75-90 cm thick bushes, plump, semi-shiny, healthy green foliage.

Trandafiri MINERVA


  • Undoubtedly, it is the blueest purple rose on the market, from the category of "blue" roses.
  • Forms over average force bush, 70-80cm, with matte green leaf, very resistant to diseases!
  • Intense, medium-sized flowers with dark purple petals with a strong rose-like sweet perfume that opens to compet, leaving out its gold stamps.
  • Blooms in waves all year round.

A very valuable, resistant variety that has won numerous awards, both for its shape and color, and for its special scent.



  • Medium, 40/50 cm shrubs with uniform growth and dark green, glossy foliage.
  • Involt flowers (35 petals), medium sized, in large clusters, red velvet bleeding petals.
  • It blooms abundantly, resists weather, disease and frost.
  • Excellent for parks and gardens.

Trandafiri FIJI


  • Polyantha Fiji Roses - healthy, resistant, long time blooming.
  • Particular varieties of fragrant, softened roses.
  • Long-blooming roses.

Trandafiri BONICA


  • The probable origin: Meilland, France, 1981.
  • Seeds large force, 120/90 cm, well branched and few thorns.
  • Abundantly, semi-glossy leaves.
  • Small and medium-sized flowers, in-line, are in rich and heavy clusters. Light pink petals with a faint fragrance.
  • A particularly valuable variety as a solitary plant, in small groups, living fences.
  • Blooms very abundantly throughout the year and has a remarkable resistance to disease and frost.

Trandafiri FRIESIA


  • Synonyms: Korresia, Sunsprite
  • The origin: Friedrich Worlein x Spanish Sun.
  • Middle Force, 60/40 cm, semi-erect shrubs with dark green and glossy foliage.
  • Involt flowers (25 petals), large, appear in large clusters, golden petals that discolour a little, with a particularly pleasant scent.
  • Very valuable variety. For rebates, curbs and connoisseurs.

Trandafiri ICEBERG


  • Great force, 80/100 cm, with branches, few thorns.
  • Middle, narrow leaves, light green, glossy.
  • Medium-sized flowers, gathered in clusters of up to 15, white-purple petals with pink shades and light fragrance.
  • It keeps well in a vase.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Variety for massive parks, small groups or solitary plants.
  • It is one of the most valuable varieties of the 20th century.
  • Some consider it a park rose variety.

Trandafiri CRITERION


  • Height 40-60 cm.



  • Height: 40-60 cm.



  • Pink color
  • Flower: double, 7,5 cm
  • Mentions: high force


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