The characteristics of the tree:

  • The tree has medium force, with a medium thick crown.
  • In the growing period has a pyramidal crown, later under the weight of the fruit will have a flattened spherical crown.
  • It is resistant to frost, and not susceptible to disease.
  • Self-fertile variety.

The characteristics of the fruit:

  • Fruits are medium or large: 45g.
  • Yellow bark with red spots lit on the sun-exposed side.
  • Orange pulp, strong, great taste.
  • Non-stick to kernel with sweet core.

Harvest season: end of July.

Planting: february - april and october - december.

Rootstock: MIROBOLAN


Characteristics of the tree:

  • The tree is vigorous, with a crusty, crumpled, productive crown.

Characteristics of the fruit:

  • Fruits are large or very large, ovoid, rounded or spherical, asymmetrical, with a broad base with a narrow ventral neck, deep at the bottom of the fruit and squeezed to the top, where half of the fruit is bulgier. The epicarp is thick, finely velvety, yellowish-orange, with red-pink rust on the sunny side and red-violet dots.
  • The pulp is yellowish-orange, consistent, succulent, sweet and harmoniously acidified, finely flavored, non-stickiness, very good for table and industrialization.
  • The kernel is normal sized, ovoid, has sweet seed.

Harvest: the second decade of July.

Rootstock: MIROBOLAN


Characteristics of the tree:

  • Middle force, forms a flattened, divergent crown with thin, pendent branches.
  • High productivity
  • Virosis resistant.

Characteristics of the fruit:

  • Orange peel with red spots on the sun exposed side.
  • Light yellow, juicy, flavored, medium-hard pulp.
  • Kernel's seed is sweet.
  • Fruits are large or very large: 70-100g.

Pollinators:Maghiar Apricot, Bergeron, Purple of Cegled.

Harvest: middle of July.

Planting period: February - April and October - December.

Rootstock: MIROBOLAN


Tree haracteristics:

  • Canadian variety, since 1968.
  • The tree is of great force, with fructification both on medium and medium-sized bouquets, with medium production potential (12 t / ha).
  • It's partially self-fertile.

Fruit characteristics:

  • The fruits are medium - large (50 g), spherical - ovoid, yellow - orange epicarp, red on the sunny side
  • The pulp is succulent, yellow-orange, aromatic, non-stickiness to kernel.
  • The drumbeat is big, with bitter core.

Harvesting: the second decade of July (93 to 110 days from blooming to fruit maturation).

Rootstock: Corcodus


Tree haracteristics:

  • Variety derived at Marculesti - Calarasi Experimental Complex from the complex hybridation of 21/51 (Luizet x Umbertto) x Marculesti 37/1 (Ananas x Ananas). Approved in 1979.
  • Small force tree with reverse conical crown and skeleton branches well garnished with short fruit bands.
  • It is self-fertile, disease resistant, very productive.

Fruit characteristics:

  • The fruit size is medium to large, 70 g, the shape is ovoid to spherical, slightly flattened on the welding line.
  • The skin is orange yellow, covered in red on 2/3 of the surface.
  • The pulp is orange, with firm texture, normally juicy and very tasty.
  • The drums represent 6.2% of the fruit weight and has sweet core.

Harvest: 10-12 days after the Best of Hungary variety, being part of the late varieties.

Planting period: February - April and October - December.

Rootstock: Wax Cherry tree

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