Gooseberries ROSU ROLANDA


  • Gooseberries are a category of strongly branched bushes, provided with long thorns (7-15mm), disposed one or three at the bottom of the bud, on stems. The fruit formations grow on 2 years old wood, they have a good production between 3-6 years, after which they dry up and need to be replaced with new growths.
  • The fruit is a soft, green, yellowish or pink polysperm, which is maturing at the end of June and early July. All varieties have the ability of self-pollination.
  • The maximum fruit yields are obtained between 5-7 years from planting and are 4-6 kg / bush, respectively 12-15t / ha.
  • Gooseberries are multiplying by semi-milled seedlings, marcots, bush splitting and grafting in T in August, with a bud with scutiser or a wooded tip. Grassing grain is used to obtain shrubs with a trunk of 25-50 cm, the rootstock is the Ribes aureum.
  • Rolanda (piros koszmete kep): It is a variety with early ripening, the fruits are large, oval, with red pulp, particularly lookful and tasty. It has vigorous growth, good resistance to flaking. Production is abundant.


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